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A ‘buyer’ in hand is worth two in the bush


Put the buyer in your hand,

In today’s highly competitive Sellers market where there are more home Buyers than there are listings for them to purchase, some Sellers may feel like the ball is in their court.

And they would be right when it comes to choosing which offer to accept, the closing date, or even which improvements the Seller is willing to make to the home prior to selling. One thing to remember though is that there is always a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

Interest rates could change, financing might not go through, the Appraisal might not come back at the price that you have agreed to.

These are all always ways that Agents have opportunities to work with Buyers to make sure that the sale still happens.

Some Agents may think that because buyer demand is high right now, that they could choose to make their Buyer jump through hoops.

But what happens if the home Buyer reaches their limit and decides to walk away?

That means a START OVER… weeks, maybe months later… and other Buyers may then wonder what’s wrong with the house that the deal fell through.

Sometimes PERCEPTION is everything!

I recently had my Aunt’s house listed for sale in Austin, Texas (I hired a good local realtor) AND…going in we knew it was a very good market. However, her home was not in the best of shape and realistically it needed a lot of work.

The first real home Buyer that came along made a good offer. Yes, we “might” have gotten a great offer, but sometimes you have to make the call and work with the Buyer that is willing, ready and qualified willing to CLOSE.

The Golden Rule

We were taught from a young age to “treat others as others as you would like to be treated”. This shouldn’t change once you have a home Buyer who seems as though they would do anything to buy a home. Sometimes common sense is more a barometer than anything! It’s all about PERSPECTIVE and a little Golden Rule


Anita Wheeler is an Associate Broker with Atlanta Fine Homes, Sotheby’s International Realty specializing in the luxury real estate market in Buckhead, Alpharetta, Roswell, and North Georgia. She is a published Author, Business Strategist, Social Media Expert. You can reach her at 404.219.1938 or her website at

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