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Keys to Selling your House Virtually

In a recent survey by, people thinking about selling their homes indicated they’re generally willing to allow their agent and some potential buyers inside if done under the right conditions. They’re less comfortable, however...

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Atlanta Realtors Market Brief for April 2020

Atlanta REALTORS® Market Brief/April 2020 Edition

Here is the latest marketing brief for the month of April~ Anita G. Wheeler

The Atlanta REALTORS® Association (ARA), the largest association of its kind in Georgia, released its April 20...

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Top Reasons to own your Home!

Some Highlights

June is National Homeownership Month, and it’s a great time to consider the benefits of owning your own home.

If you’re in a position to buy, homeownership might help you find the stability, community, and comfort ...

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It’s Good News

Anita say “Atlanta is Steady and here is the latest report from The Atlanta Board of Realtors new release.”

The Atlanta Board of REALTORS® Releases April 2015 Statistics on Housing Market

The ABR Market Brief examines sales, prices i...

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