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Do you dream of waking up in your very own horse farm? Atlanta has got you covered. Whether you are a horse owner, an avid equestrian, or simply a lover of our equine friends, I’ll make sure you’ll get everything you’ve ever wanted in an equestrian property.

I love working with buyers and sellers interested in equestrian properties or land purchases. I am expertised in dealing with equestrian properties in Atlanta, GA. I’m a horse owner myself, and this allows me to give you firsthand experience on what to look for in a horse farm and how you can tell if the equestrian estate we’re previewing is a good fit for you and your horses.

To give you a brief overview of the home buying process, here are a few things to keep in mind when buying an equestrian property or estate in Atlanta, GA.

  • Inspect the barn – Like most properties, it’s important you inspect the estate thoroughly, and that includes paying the barn a visit. If the property you are considering has a barn there are certain items you will want to consider and I can assist you.
  • Check the fencing – As a horse owner, the last you want is to discover that your horses have been set free all because of faulty fencing. Inspect the property’s fencing and make sure it’s structurally sound as well as safe for horses
  • Identify if there is a weed problem – Weeds are indeed an eyesore if you’re after clean, green pastures where your horses can run freely. Before you purchase the farm, ask if there’s a weed problem so you can properly address the issue. It usually takes at least two seasons to effectively get rid of weeds using safe herbicide, so take time to do this before you close the deal.
  • Horse equipment – It’s not uncommon for buyers to sometimes haggle with the home seller and negotiate for a farm equipment or two. It’s not a problem as well, but it certainly can become an issue if due diligence is not exercised. If you’re planning on negotiating to keep farm equipment, inspect the items thoroughly if it runs properly or if it needs repair. After all, you want to get your money’s worth!

Horse Farms for Sale in Georgia

Equestrian properties and horse farms require extensive maintenance and care, but if you’re truly passionate about it, living in one can be such a delight. Georgia is known for many of it’s large equestrian and land estates!

For more information about Buckhead, Milton, Roswell, and Alpharetta real estate, you can check out our comprehensive community guides, which includes real estate information. You can also get in touch with me, Anita Wheeler, at 770.442.7300 or 404.219.1938 to start your search for the perfect Atlanta, GA equestrian property today.

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