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Buying or Selling a Home? Here are 5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent

Professional Real Estate Agent

It can be a colossal undertaking to buy or sell your home. Along with the time that goes into searching for a property to buy, and the stress that comes with listing a property to sell, mortgage interest rates and home prices are also on the rise, adding more stress to an already complicated process.

In a world where finding property listings is as easy as typing a few words into a search engine, many buyers and sellers believe that they can go it alone, but unfortunately that is simply not the case. Real estate professionals are in fact becoming more necessary than ever, and an experienced real estate professional can help you arrive at your ultimate goal of buying or selling property while getting the best value for your money.


Real Estate Agents Facilitate Vital Paperwork

Having an agent who is experienced with handling the large amounts of paperwork involved in real estate transactions can save you both time and money, especially since there are different regulations in each state regarding the contracts required for a sale. These rules are always changing and evolving, so it is crucial to work with a real estate professional who is an expert in their market.

There are 230 possible actions that must take place during any successful real estate transaction, according to the Orlando Regional Realtor Association. It is highly recommended to have an experienced real estate agent to guide you through the extensive process and numerous tasks required to get your home sold and purchase a new one.

Having someone guide you through the towering stacks of paperwork can make it a much smoother process to purchase your family’s dream property.


Real Estate Agents are Professional Negotiators

If you are not quite convinced that you need an agent to assist you in selling your home, taking a look at the list of individuals that you need to be prepared to negotiate with during the process may change your mind.

When considering the prospective buyers and their agents, who are all working to get the best deal possible, there are also home inspectors, appraisers, and many others involved in the property buying and property selling process. That means there could be as many as a dozen separate people that you will have to negotiate with.

A real estate negotiation expert will be by your side the whole time to make sure your best interest is the first priority. An agent who is also a Certified Negotiation Professional can go even further to help you make the right moves with your property.


Real Estate Professionals Can Help Determine Home Values

To attract the correct buyers and shorten the time a home is on the market, it needs to be accurately priced from the beginning. While appraisers are typically seen as the gold standard for determining the value of a home, real estate professionals can also help you understand what your home is worth depending on various factors like the current housing market, what homes in the area have sold for recently, and the age and condition of the home. In a market where inventory is low and demand is high, prices may be affected significantly.

Real estate professionals can also help buyers determine if a home is priced too high, or give other advice about home valuations. Having the advice of someone who is not emotionally attached to a property will help you see the true value of a property, so be sure to get the most out of our real estate transaction by hiring a professional.


Real Estate Professionals Know the Latest Market Trends

With so much information floating around about home prices, sales, and mortgages, how do you know what is really going on in your area? How do you competitively price your home at the beginning of the process without assistance? On the other hand, how do you know how much to offer for your dream property without paying over the fair market value or lowballing the property and offending the seller?

You can make your selling or buying experience an educated one by hiring a real estate professional who is clued into the trends of the market. An agent who will tell you the truth instead of just what you want to hear can be the difference between an easy, successful and a disaster. For instance, you wouldn’t want the engine of your car to be completely replaced without the help of a trusted mechanic, so it’s best not to proceed blindly when you’re looking to buy or sell property.


Get an Agent You Can Trust with Anita Wheeler & Co.

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