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Know your competition

Know your competition

Check the competition in your neighborhood!

Time Your Listing Perfectly

Many industry experts say spring is the best season to list a home, but the truth is, this is a pretty wide time frame. The trick is to look for the sweet spot. For example, you can list your home before the influx of buyers hits during April and May, so your listing appears just as they’re starting their search.

See Your Competition In Person
As a home seller, you need to see for yourself how your home stacks up against the competition. Talk to your agent and ask if there are any homes you can drive by or open houses to attend so you can find out how you can improve your own home.

Look At Properties That Are NOT Selling
Observing properties that are selling can be helpful, but taking a look at properties that are not selling is just as important. Try to figure out why they are not selling at their current price, and see how the properties compare with your home. Doing this will help you avoid committing the same mistake when pricing your home, which can give you an edge over the

Use Great Photos
Nine out of ten buyers start their search online – your listing’s photos play a huge role in attracting potential buyers. Make sure your home is photo-ready before you take pictures. Highlight its best features, and avoid showing any eyesores, such as cluttered garages or outdated bathrooms. If you’re not quite confident with your photography skills, then you may want to consider hiring a professional photographer.

Make Sure Your Home Is Easily Accessible
When you have competition in your neighborhood, being prepared to present your home at any moment can give you a big advantage. Having multiple listings in a certain area means there may be more “impulse house showings.” In case some buyers overlook your listing online, there’s a good chance they’ll spot your “for sale” sign outside once they visit the neighborhood.

Be Creative
In some cases, properties can stay on the market for extended periods of time, even when their sellers aren’t really doing anything wrong. Try to make your listing more dynamic by using different strategies. Use new photos ever few weeks, and rewrite your sales ads every once in a while to keep it fresh. Previous buyers who may have looked at your listing may view it again in case they see a photo that was not there before. In addition, you can try asking people who have visited your home for feedback. Any information they provide can be useful in identifying how your home compares with similar properties they viewed, and if there are any improvements you need to make.

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